Auto Glass Replacement

we have the buying power to replace auto glass at a fair price without having a huge mark up and we are able to direct bill all insurance companies for auto glass replacement. With a few simple steps we can contact the insurance company, plan, and coordinate the authorization and scheduling while minimizing hassles for you. We are also able to assist with arranging mobile glass service if the car will not be coming into our shop for other repair.

FREE Computerized Estimates

We use an industry wide computerized estimating system that is updated regularly to make every effort to prepare a correct estimate when the vehicle is first brought in. However, some damage may be hidden until we remove the damaged exterior pieces. We work closely with insurance companies on additional items that were not seen during the initial estimate and will make sure that your vehicle is returned to pre-loss condition.

We Work with All Insurance Companies

We strive to have a great working relationship with all Insurance Companies and we’ll work closely with the field appraisers in making the repairs to your vehicle. Our goal is to do a quality repair with your best interest in mind.

Windshield Repair

Auto glass repair is a great way of minimizing your cost by not having to replace a windshield when you get a rock chip. A good rule of thumb is to place a quarter over the compromised area and if the entire area is less than the size of a quarter we can repair it. If a repair is not successful, we will apply the full amount of the repair toward the cost of the windshield replacement. Repairs typically take 30 to 40 minute to complete.

Four-Wheel Alignment

Performed in-house using a state-of-the-art Hunter Alignment machine. We are able to set caster, camber, toe, as well as all strategic angles for all four wheels. We are able to make structural/frame pulls to bring alignments into specification. This can result in a significant savings by not replacing expensive suspension parts when they are not necessary.